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    Our state of the art made-to-measure range combines the best Neapolitan tailoring and construction techniques. We use the finest cutting-edge technology to produce our soft, luxurious and beautifully constructed garments.

    What to expect with made-to-measure suiting.

    The made-to-measure process entails individual measurements, body configuration and analysis. All garments are stitched from start to finish.

    The Made-To-Measure garment is laser cut, machine stitched with the finishings done by hand.

    With this, your garment can be fully canvassed or half canvassed, allowing you to choose the fit and comfort you please.

    Your canvas chest piece will be floating, meaning that it will be stitched and not fused. A floating canvas chest piece is one of the quintessential construction components of an authentic Made-To-Measure/Bespoke garment. 

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    Fully Bespoke

      Our fully bespoke hand-made range is the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring and our most premium offering. 

      We recommend the fully bespoke experience to those clients who have time on their hands and want the creme de la creme experience.
      Our Fully Bespoke garments are hand cut, hand stitched with all finishing done by hand.
      The process requires you to decide on every aspect of the suit, from cut to fabric, pocket type to position. But you’ll be wisely advised, as each tailor has a house style – not imposed but favoured. Our Tailoring expert will make an assessment of your lifestyle and needs in order to help you eliminate options and ideas, pinpointing what’s best.
      In order to achieve the glove-like fit, you’ll be measured up – there are some 20 or so figures to collate for the jacket and five for the trousers. A basic (basted) form of the suit will then be made and tried on at the first fitting. It’s here that the tailor will make the all-important adjustments to get the suit right before a second (and sometimes even third) fitting is carried out.
      A basted fitting is when you try on your custom suit jacket that has been temporarily stitched together with white basting thread. Initial measurements that were carefully taken during your first fitting were used to create this “working” jacket. We then use this jacket to fine tune the fitting.
      A bespoke garment will also have a full/ half canvassed floating chest piece, to which the full construction is done by hand. 

      The above traditional artisanal means, results in soft and comfortable garments that are beautiful and unique. 

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      1. Book an appointment.

      We operate by appointment only - please get in touch to book a one on one appointment with Kale, founder of Kale & Co Bespoke Tailors. Kale will make the process as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. 

      2. Design

      Kale is on hand, to give you the best possible advice, to ensure that you look and feel your best. You will have a selection of the finest European fabrics and an infinite amount of design options.

      We keep all client's individual patterns on record.

      3. Review

      We will stay in touch and work closely with you throughout the 6 - 8 weeks process.  Upon completion of your garments, we will schedule a fitting, allowing for any minor adjustments.

       4. Re-order

      As we have all client patterns on record, re-ordering is a simple process.