3 Reasons Why People Invest in a Kale & Co Bespoke Suit

3 Reasons Why People Invest in a Kale & Co Bespoke Suit

Our highly rated process is unique and tailor-made to each client. Every-step is personal to you, allowing you to choose your fabric, lining, trims, buttons and much more.

  1. A Passion For Fit 

We have a passion for perfecting fit. Most of our clients come to us, as a straight off the rack hasn't met their expectations, we go out of our way to ensure the optimal fit is achieved. We have a proven track record analysing body proportions, structure, shape and fit.

At Kale & Co Bespoke, we take over 25 different measurements, as well as analyse your body configuration and proportions. 

2. Niche + Personal Experience

Our peaceful, European influenced studio on Bree street, is the perfect environment to take your mind away from the hustle and bustle a few metres away. Enjoy a coffee or whiskey whilst discussing life, style and everything in between. We aim to build long standing relationships with our clients. 

3. Quality 

Finding the right tailors to make our suits took 3 years to refine and we are happy to offer a truly superior product and experience. Part of this experience is having the choice of over 800 plus British and Italian fabrics. Our suits are made from 100% natural fibres including wool, linen, silk and cashmere.

Our state of the art made-to-measure offering combines the best Neapolitan tailoring and construction techniques. We use cutting-edge technology to produce our soft, luxurious and beautifully constructed garments. Our fully hand-made range is the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring and our most premium offering. 


Images by @rebeccaann.raw

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