Fit Warranty and Garment Care

Garment care

It’s important to take care of your clothes to make them last as long as possible. Even though we only work with high quality fabrics you will wear and tear your garments over time. One thing to have in mind is to make sure that you let your garments rest. Hang your garment on a proper hanger when you come home from the office and don’t use it two days in a row. This will increase the lifespan of your clothes.

If you have garments that’s made of wool our recommendation is to keep the dry cleaning to a minimum. The dry-cleaning process can damage the fibers in the fabric. Try to remove stains and creases with a steamer and air your garments to get rid of odors.

Fit warranty

A client will develop a long term relationship with their personal tailor, this is a similar relationship a gentlemen would develop with their barber. From the initial appointment, we should not need any more than two fittings. This consists of the initial appointment and final fitting.

As part of our service, Kale and Co Bespoke offers all customers a fit warranty that covers the cost of  all future simple tailoring adjustments.