Why KC? 
We believe in the quality, fit and personal service we provide, and look forward to building a long standing relationship with our clients.

Can I choose my own trims? 
Yes, garments are designed from start to finish as desired by the client.   
Can you deliver? 
Clients will have to have an initial face-to-face meet in order to choose fabric, styling and have bespoke measurements taken. Thereafter, once the garment is complete - we deliver worldwide. 

How much does a custom suit cost? 
See prices here.

What are your lead times on garments? 
See here.
Payment arrangement? 
Payment is made in full upfront. 
How many fittings will I need? 
A client will always develop a long term relationship with their personal tailor, this is a similar relationship a gentlemen would develop with their barber. From the initial appointment, we should not need any more than two fittings. This consists of the initial appointment and final fitting.  

I am changing sizes, how will this affect the process? 
We always recommend measuring clients when they are at their largest - this gives us enough allowance to take garments in, should the client fluctuate any further. 

How do I care for my suit?
One should dry clean their garments when brushing, airing out and spot cleaning aren't removing the odours, dirt or stains any more. If you rarely wear a suit, this may be as little as once or twice a year. Of course if you live in a suit, you may dry clean more frequently. Read more

Do you offer alteration services?
Unfortunately we only make alterations to our in-house garments. 

Please get in touch should you have any further inquiries.