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Why Investing In A Tailored Suit Is Your Best Bet

Let’s get one thing straight: investing in a tailored suit is always better. Of course you can find fitted suits off the rack, but they just can’t beat one that is made to measure. Off the rack suits are generic in size and it will take a lot of shopping around in order to find one that fits you decently. Plus, you’ll most likely still need some adjustments, which only adds to the hassle. A made to measure suit makes you feel more comfortable and look more confident. Let us eliminates the frustration of countless shopping outings.

Tailor Made Suits - Kale & Co Bespoke Tailors

If you’ve never had a made to measure suit, it can seem confusing or daunting when stepping into our Bree Street studio. We can assure you’re in safe hands, guiding you through the process in a relaxed and easy going space.
A few things are helpful to know before booking your fitting to ensure that the process is easy and efficient. At your first Kale & Co fitting, you’ll meet your Style Guide, an expert in all things suiting from style and design to quality and service. Your Style Guide will take your measurements and body configurations, walk you through the selection of fabrics, and give sound advice on styling and construction details.
Made To Measure Suits - Kale & Co Bespoke Tailors 

 To help us prepare, have an idea of the types of occasions you’ll be wearing this suit too. 

Are you celebrating your wedding? If so, is it a formal or beach wedding? Maybe its in the winelands of Stellenbosch?

This will help your Style Guide give you sound advice on the fabric and styling which would be best suited for the vision you have in mind. It will also be advised to have an idea on which styling options you best like. These added details will give more personality to your suit and make it reflective of your own tastes and individuality. One helpful tip is to bring a jacket or a pair of pants that have a fit you love, to your fitting and have your Style Guide compare them to the items that are being tailored or made for you.

Bespoke Tailor - Kale & Co Bespoke Tailors

Your measurements will all be logged and kept on file. Expect to have a second fitting to ensure the suit fits perfectly - sometimes minor adjustments will need to be made.

You are now setup with everything you need to book your fitting.



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